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Welcome to my web site which is dedicated to Channeling, Channeled Readings and Spiritual Growth. It is a great joy for me to to channel the Ascended Masters and Angels for myself and others including the starseeds. I am blessed to able to bring through the guidance, and inspiration that they wish to give us. Please read the excellent testimonials and see how the individual personal channeled readings are really helping people in incredible ways. Channeled Readings can be sent by digital file transfer on the internet (.MP3 or .wma). I am an experienced international channel having given hundreds of readings over the last 10 years.

Readings Available:

NEW AGE Readings

First Reading
"Beginners" Important information needed
Stuck? Needing changes? Decisions!
Your Questions Answered
any spiritual new age questions that you have
AURA Evaluation
Understanding how to use your aura and its needs
Star Seed
your story as a star being and starseed
Life Between Lives
What do you do when not on earth?
Life Missions / Lessons
Why are you Here!
your spiritual growth information
Illness Reading
for help and holistic information
existing health problems
Readings for Children
to understand the needs and potentials of your children

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"I believe you are one of the purest channels at this time on the planet.  It is obvious you have a special relationship and connection with St. Germain. The pureness of heart and the strength of integrity that comes through your words during your readings is profound."   

I have also teach others to channel using my online channeling course which will give help and guidance to all those interested in channeling, the masters and spiritual growth. At whatever level you are now, the course aims to show you how to channel Guides, including the Ascended Masters, Angels and Star Masters. Please go to channeling course for more details.

I wish you every blessing with your path!

Paul McCarthy