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Friendship - Erton & The Sirian Masters

It is a subject that is perhaps misunderstood by many light workers who seek to be more and have more in their lives. Many view friendships as those relationships that they have with other people in embodiment here on earth and do not understand that those relationships that they have with others in different dimensions can equally be enjoyed as friendships. This may be surprising for many, as they hold the idea that an Ascended Master or Archangel or Extraterrestrial is one who represents authority and is therefore not the same as a friend. They assume that the characteristics of authority that they have seen in those here on earth are prevalent in higher dimensions. In many ways this is taking 3rd dimensional characteristics and assuming that they have a home in the 5th dimension or beyond way. This is a view that does not necessarily reflect what is the reality.

We ask you to define what friendship is. What do you do when you make friends with someone? What is it that happens that you enjoy? Do we not appreciate, enjoy and experience the qualities we like in another person? Why would it be any different for an Angel or a Master when they come around someone who they appreciate? They appreciate and enjoy those that they support. There is a coming together of minds and hearts. There is a coming together of energy and purpose. Why would there not be a friendship? Is friendship not a divine quality? In the purest moments of friendship, is it not quite exquisite? Is it not quite wonderful? Are the experiences of sharing and being together not divine experiences? Why would one who comes from God not want to appreciate the wonder and beauty of another who comes from God in whatever form or dimension that they are found? The higher the dimensions you go, the easier it is to travel within the dimensions and within consciousness. And so for an angel or master there are no barriers to friendship. Friendship travels across time and both physical and non-physical dimensions. It is eternal and profound. In many ways it is the glue that keeps us all together. Appreciation and loyalty are higher qualities as so when you have a friendship on earth, it reflects the higher qualities that exist throughout all that is known. Honour your friendships for what they are and what they offer to you. Rejoice and enjoy the moments that you share.

5th Dimensional Earth 2012- The Sirian Masters

Many light workers want to know when the earth will reach the 5th dimensional level. This will be known when there is common agreement that many people are sharing a 5th dimensional consciousness. Will life be different from what it is now? Only in the sense that with this new consciousness, you will want to do things differently and to do this for yourselves. It is not as though someone will come along and give you a set of rules and will say “This is how the 5th dimension works and you must follow these now in order to be in the 5th dimension!” It is not like this and this view represents the misunderstaning of higher dimensions from a 3rd dimensional viewpoint. You will be 5th dimensional because you want to be 5th dimensional and yes the energies and the ascension of the earth have all made this possible by supporting it and initiating it. Yet it is up to the people themselves to demonstrate and practice a 5th dimensional consciousness. This is how it is everywhere. It will not be done for you but rather it will be chosen by you.

How long will it take? By 2012 there will be the options for many to move into 5th dimensional thinking, being and behaving. The degree to which individuals and groups will fully participate with this is unknown at present but we are working towards this becoming a reality for all those who can share in this. Will the planet turn to light? Then the answer is no. Will people feel lighter? Then the answer is yes. Will people be more able to move into a 5th dimensional consciousness at will? Then the answer is yes!

How will you know when you have reached a 5th dimensional consciousness? Well there are individuals experiencing this now. This is possible right now for they have evolved their consciousness to the 5th dimensional level and higher. How will this reality enter into the awareness of those who seek it on a larger scale? At some point there will be a “critical mass” of higher consciousness achieved and people will just understand more and you will see this in each other. This is your sign. You will be increasingly talking the same language and sharing a common vision. You will be adopting 5th dimensional influences and styles of thinking, behaving and being. They will seem normal and natural and will fit into the new energies of a new earth. On some levels things will seem to become easier and more obvious. On an individual level the transition from 3rd to 5th dimension is hard. It requires a restructuring of belief systems, energies and the raising of the vibration of the physical and subtle bodies. It requires the transcendence of negative thoughts and feelings. It often requires personal healing. It is when you reach the 5th dimensional way of being that so much more becomes available to be enjoyed and explored! The 5th dimension is coming to you as a reality!

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